Pi with Vic and the Raspberry Pi:

The Raspberry Pi computer is revolutionizing how we interact with the real world in ways once thought unimaginable. At Pi with Vic we will be exploring all aspects of the Raspberry Pi and beyond. We will also show how you can change the world and have fun doing it at the same time.

Why the Raspberry Pi?

As a result after purchasing a Raspberry Pi for my HAM Radio hobby I started asking this question and I’ve been hooked ever since. After all for most people a computer is an appliance used to navigate social media, emails, news, play games, and perhaps spreadsheet a budget.

For some of us brave souls it’s about the science, experimentation and a vehicle for exploration. In the 1980’s there were several choices of micro computers. Generally speaking theses computers helped young minds learn how computers worked and how to program them. An entire industry was spawned and a group of young pioneers was groomed to help make it happen. Many of those pioneers would later help create the Internet and make it what it is today.

After time some of the pioneer spirit was lost to modern gaming systems, phones and tablets. While these appliances are useful they don’t often inspire you how to program or learn how they work. The Raspberry Pi was designed and developed for the main purpose of teaching how computers work and how to program them. This of course personally reminded me of my first computer and how I got started in my career.

My first Computer:

My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS-80 model I computer. After months of working two paper routes and literally saving nickels and quarters I was able to make my purchase. I proudly marched into Radio Shack and bought the model I computer. This awesome computer came with 4K (4000 bytes) of memory and level one basic. By then the more powerful model III was out in stores. However the $400.00 plus bucks was burning a hole in my pocket and I couldn’t wait any longer.

In contrast most kids my age were buying cars. As a mater of fact in the early 1980’s you could still buy a car for between $300.00 and $600.00 bucks. It might be a total piece of junk with a hole or two in the floor but it would run. The high school parking lots were filled with them.

I didn’t want a car yet, I had a bicycle anyway. Plus my parents were kind enough to chauffeur me and the large box now clutched tightly in my hands. Once home, I practically sprinted, carrying the computer up the stairs leading to my “programming” cave.

Thinking Ahead:

To say I was prepared is an understatement. I built my own custom desk out of scrap plywood and 2 x 4 boards. I put in a locking cabinet so my brothers couldn’t steel my candy bars and cokes. I placed a blotter on the desktop with a desktop calendar and a cup holder for pens and pencils. You see this had to be a professional operation as nothing else would do.

All the late nights of coding, tinkering, dreaming and rebooting came rushing back to me. The Raspberry Pi reminds me why I got into computer programming. As time went on I purchased an IBM personal computer, with help from my dad, and yes I still didn’t have a car. After few more years I got an Amiga Computer which I cherished. By that time I finally did have a junker car.

All of these computers and all the late night programming sessions propelled me for better things down the road. I wouldn’t be in the career and have been as successful had it not been for taking risks, and challenging myself. In the process I learned what is needed to be competitive in the field of computer programming.

Why Pi with Vic:

This site is about having fun and learning. The primary mission of this site is to give back to the community of hardware and software developers. I will be helping young and old tinker and build cool stuff. I hope you join me as we endeavor to learn everything there is about the Raspberry Pi and Beyond. Let’s also make sure we have a lot of fun doing it too!

While most of this site is completely free I do need to make some coin to keep the lights on.

Amazon Affilate Program:

Pi with Vic is participating in the Amazon affiliate program. From time to time you will see and ad or two. In addition when showcasing products, links for purchasing those products on Amazon will be made available.

Please note that I personally will only endorse products that I like and use personally. Period.

Future Monetization Programs:

We may add an shopping cart to sell a book or two down the road. Additionally we may add other products as well however currently our primary interest of this site help people learn and have fun.


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