Welcome to Pi with Vic – The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Resource and Beyond!

Why the Raspberry Pi?

After purchasing a Raspberry Pi for my HAM Radio hobby, I started asking this question and I’ve been hooked ever since.

For most people, a computer is an appliance used to navigate social media, emails, news, play games, and perhaps spreadsheet a budget.

For some of us brave souls it’s about the science, experimentation and a vehicle for exploration.

For example, we want to:

  • Pry the covers off and learn it’s secrets.
  • Wire exciting things up to it and control them.
  • Program it to perform all sorts of nefarious interesting tasks.
  • Explore how we can use the technology for benefit and fun.
  • Push the limits and challenge ourselves to tinker and code where no one else has gone.

We are going to perform all manner of experiments, take risks, and maybe even accidentally fry something!

For these noble endeavors, a big-box computer is a poor choice:

It can take a small fortune to outfit a big-box computer with software tools and programs. There are often monthly fees for program usage, services, and storage.

Plus, if you wave a screwdriver anywhere near it the manufacturer will void your warranty and banish you from technical support!

Enter the Raspberry Pi:

The Raspberry Pi computer is revolutionizing how we interact with the real world in ways once thought unimaginable. At Pi with Vic, we will be exploring everything Raspberry Pi and beyond. We will also show how you can change the world and have fun doing it at the same time.

What can you do with your Raspberry Pi:

There really are no limits to what you can do with the Raspberry Pi computer. This blog will be showing you how to install, configure and program the Raspberry Pi. We will also be tinkering and playing with hardware additions. In addition, we will occasionally push the limits showing you how you can perform Raspberry Pi hacks such as overclocking. What follows is only a starting list of Raspberry Pi Projects and topics we will be exploring with you:

  • Building a basic desktop or server computer with your Raspberry Pi.
  • Understanding how to use Raspberry Pi desktop and OS.
  • Helpful tips for using Software applications.
  • Raspberry Pi hacks for Performance Gains.
  • Hardware and Software Reviews.
  • Creating your own Media Center with KODI.
  • Watching and Recording live TV on your Raspberry Pi.
  • Alternate Operating Systems for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Database and/or Web Server.
  • Web, Database and Application Programming.
  • Setup Weather Station or other Monitoring Devices.
  • How to use Video Conferencing and Text Message apps on Raspberry Pi.
  • Programming and Controlling real world objects with the GPIO ports.
  • Building a Gaming system using RetroPie.
  • Using your Raspberry Pi with HAM Radio.
  • Audio and Video Projects such as security cameras.
  • Emulating Computers from the past such as the Amiga Computer.
  • System Administration, Troubleshooting and fixing the Raspberry Pi computer.

Do any of these Raspberry Pi projects look interesting to you?

So, fellow brave souls, I welcome you as a kindred spirit to Pi with Vic and look forward to exploring, tinkering and pushing the limits of our imagination together with the Raspberry Pi and Beyond in the days and years ahead.